I’m a developer and designer actively pursuing my passion to provide digital design and development services both nationally and locally to small businesses here in Philadelphia. When not working, I enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, film, robotics, and exploring all the wonderful shops and restaurants Philadelphia has to offer.

Currently, I am a full-time web developer for Thomas Jefferson University Hospital – a major medical university and healthcare provider in Philadelphia. Some of my responsibilities include: developing responsive web pages, designing templates for various departments and campaign sites, maintaining content, troubleshooting bugs, e-mail marketing, and developing for the front-end development side of our CMS, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

I graduated from Penn State University in 2011 with a degree in computer engineering. I landed my first programming position at a direct mailing company as a data programming specialist – responsible for building out custom templates and applications for automating various print tasks and parsing customer database information. After 3 years I decided to switch paths up a bit and pursue becoming a web developer. I had been freelancing on and off since high school and wanted to explore doing it full-time. Haven’t looked back since and enjoy the challenging, creativity-tasking environment it provides.

I primarily work with building out mobile friendly, WordPress powered sites with custom themes and plugins. From personal portfolios to full-fledged online storefronts – I enjoy branding and designing logos as well. I plan to continue to grow as a web developer with a focus on providing custom web applications and websites for small business start ups. Providing rich user experiences – fueled by sleek and effective user interfaces. I love Philadelphia and the idea of turning visions into reality of others throughout the community.

By freelancing, I hope to strengthen my skills by taking on new experiences and challenges. Working on a variety of projects in both design and development allows me to think and create things I would never have otherwise. It allows me to meet and work with people businesses, learn more about myself and what others actually want and need, having an extra source of income, and working towards my ultimate goal of running my own digital services and solutions team – taking on really awesome projects!