So what’s the purpose of this site you ask? Great question – I knew I’d like you. If I were to construct one of those meta-thinking, revolutionary, innovative, change-the-world type missions statements it would go something like this:

A resource hub for those with a passion to educate, empower, and equip like-minded developers with the tools to create amazing applications.

At the surface, this is simply a blog for me to think aloud and reinforce my understanding of various topics through sharing and open discussion. At it’s heart, this is a resource for those with the drive to learn and grow as a developer. Like others, I’m a learn by example kind of guy. I’d prefer to learn with my text editor – plugging away on my command-line interface, learning as I go. Working on this site helps me do just that. It allows me to sort through and package up my thoughts, ideas, and projects in a way that is not only helpful to me but also useful for others.